Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Cryptworld Unsettling Power: Apport

In the CRYPTWORLD horror roleplaying game, things (i.e. monsters) can possess certain abilities called Unsettling Powers designed to invoke an atmosphere of fear without necessarily causing physical harm to the PCs. The core rulebook contains ten Unsettling Powers (Bloody Message, Chill/Warm, Extinguish, Minor Telekinesis, Silence, Swirling Mist, Touch of the Grave, Vermin, Voice Projection, and Warp Wood), and the upcoming MONSTERS MACABRE sourcebook will contain ten more including five contributed by yours truly (Haunted Portrait, Mirror Scare, Phantom Wind, Rotting Decay, and Stench of the Grave). Below is an all new Unsettling Power I came up with recently to add a little more chill to my incorporeal undead.

Apported Objects
Apport: A thing possessing this power is able to instantly transfer an object from one place to another in a 100’ range. Unlike minor telekinesis where objects are seen to move and levitate, apport causes an object to materialize out of thin air in solid form from an unknown source. Such objects are typically small (no larger than a book and weighing no more than a brick) and of some personal significance to the thing. The apported object is usually meant to serve as a sign or warning to those witnessing the transference. Apport is frequently associated with incorporeal undead such as ghosts and poltergeists. Use of this power costs 20 WPR for each apported object transferred.
Did the Ghost of Elvis just apport that guitar?!?