Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Cryptworld Skill: Hypnotism

CRYPTWORLD is a horror roleplaying game from Goblinoid Games that is in every way the spiritual successor to the original (or first edition) CHILL RPG published by Pacesetter Games back in 1984. While it still uses the same "old school" Action Table resolution system found in the original, CRYPTWORLD differs from CHILL in that it is missing the original setting material (like S.A.V.E. and The Evil Way) and has also been updated to better emulate the horror movies from the 1980s and early 1990s. And while you can certainly use CRYPTWORLD to run a campaign with a Hammer Horror vibe (horror movies dating back to the late 50s, 60s and early 70s), there are still a few skills missing that were found in the original CHILL that I think fit the classic horror movie genre very nicely, particularly Hypnotism, Photography, and Psychiatry. Since first edition CHILL and CRYPTWORLD are so close mechanically, I decided to go back to the original game and adapt those missing skills for my own games. Here's the first of those skills updated and re-written with the rules and terminology found in CRYPTWORLD specifically in mind.

Exclusive: Yes
Base: (Pcn+Wpr)/2
Check: General

Characters with the Hypnotism skill are able to hypnotize any living human character as long as they agree to be placed under hypnosis of their own free will. Once hypnotized, the subject (the hypnotized character) is under the direct control of the hypnotist (the character possessing the Hypnotism skill). Hypnotism may never be used under any circumstance by a hypnotist to force a subject to do anything that would cause the subject embarrassment, physical harm, or go against their ethical principles. Hypnotism allows the hypnotized subject to:

1. Recall any repressed, altered (e.g. due to the mass implantation or memory alter powers), stolen, or otherwise forgotten memory. The subject will immediately forget any recalled memory upon awakening from hypnosis.

2. Repress any memory by forgetting the event ever happened. The subject will no longer recall the memory after awakening from hypnosis.

3. Later act upon any suggestion implanted by the hypnotist after the subject awakes from hypnosis in response to some trigger event. For example, upon next seeing a particular person or thing as a trigger, the subject will act upon a suggestion to contact the hypnotist immediately to report the sighting.

4. Act as if in a particular emotional state or state of pain upon awakening from hypnosis. Conversely, the subject may be made to act upon awaking from hypnosis as if they are no longer in a particular emotional state or state of pain they were in before undergoing hypnosis.

5. Reveal the name and general nature of any person or thing that is using the demonic influence, domination, manipulation, mesmerize, or similar power against the subject if that information is known. At the CM’s discretion, the hypnotist may contact this person or thing through the hypnotized subject directly who will then communicate with the hypnotist using the subject’s voice. The person or thing holding this undue influence over the subject, however, is not considered to be hypnotized.